Creative Things You Can Do With Your Old Wedding Dress

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If you are someone who has still kept their wedding dress packed and it’s been years you haven’t worn it for some reasons, we have gathered some creative tips that you can apply in order to put your lace wedding dresses in use. VIsit this link for more info on lace wedding dresses Melbourne.

Let’s find out what are they;

  1. Get Crafty

If arts and crafts is your thing, then we highly suggest you to go for this option where you can use a lot of fun ideas to use your old wedding dress. Some of my personal favorite are mentioned below;

  • Make a bracelet, necklace or any other piece of jewelry that goes well with any other fancy dress of yours.
  • The fabric that you have purchases from the wedding dress shop Melbourne can be used to make a keepsake garter that can be used for other brides as well.
  • Another option that can be used against your old wedding dress can be by making a throw pillow or any other meaningful piece or décor.
  1. Dye it

You white dress may not be in use in different events because of its color and designing as it speaks for itself as a “wedding dress”, but if you choose to color or dye the dress into something else, it can be used for several other events which could be used more often rather than being kept in your closet for years.

  1. Anniversary

If your dress still fits you rightly or if you can make some alterations to make you fit in your body, we suggest you to surprise your husband by wearing it on your anniversary. There is no better surprise and gift for the husband on the anniversary than being dressed up again as a bride. Even if you are not ready to wear the dress outside and leave your house in it, you can still relive the wedding moments along with the comfort in your own home.

  1. Host a Wedding Dress Party

If you have a lot girlfriends and you want to put in that wedding dress kept in your closet for quite some time and are looking for an occasion to wear it, we suggest you to host such event on your own. Call up all your girl friends over and plan a wedding dress themed party. Make sure you take lots of pictures in it and dress up nice. There is no better way to put in that wedding dress in good use. This is one of my personal favorite ideas as well.

  1. Donate it

Lastly, if you think there’s nothing of the above you can do to put in their wedding dress to use. We suggest that you give it and donate it to someone who is needy and cannot afford a dress on their own.