The Ultimate Wedding Guide To Your Ultimate Dream Wedding

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Even hearing the word “wedding” is enough to tire some people out because as everyone knows it can be a quite difficult task to plan a proper wedding especially if you have less time to do the planning process! When you decide to get married, do not wait until you only have a month or two to plan out the entire event, but marry to do the planning with at least six or more months to spare so that you do not have to rush anything and can avoid mistakes this way. When you rush a wedding plan, there is a bigger chance of making more costly mistakes which will also cost you time and energy as well. Planning your dream wedding is not hard if you understand and know how to deal with the basic details! If you do know, then the wedding planning can be done solely by you, if not you can get the expert advice of a wedding planner!

Decide on the perfect place

Do you have any idea of where exactly you want to get married? A chapel? A beach? It could even be in the comfort of your own home as well! If you plan on having your wedding at home or in a church you might want to think of wedding decoration hire Melbourne, and when you do remember to, do your research and look for a good place from where you can hire decor!

Decide on a theme

This is one of the best parts of planning a wedding! You get to think about a theme that will manage to represent you and your spouse to be! It could be a theme you had in mind since you were a child or it could be something that the both of you spoke about and came up with! Once you decide on a theme, it is far more easier to do the wedding decor planning! From perfect  wedding chair sashes to the wedding cake, everything will be done according to the theme that you selected! So make sure that you and your fiancé communicate properly and come up with something that you both love!

Guest list

Now this is a hard part of the planning process. So many people to invite but will you be able to do it? If you are willing to hold two separate wedding functions you can simply invite just your close family and friends to the actual wedding and invite the rest to a private wedding cocktail party. This way you can be sure to celebrate the wedding with everyone you know and love!